GUI app to automate keyboard typing and mouse movement, clicking

i am searching for an GUI application that would allow me to record mouse movements, clicks and maybe possibly keyboard typing.


  1. swinput Swinput - Summary [Savannah] - cli tool ::
  2. sgmousesim - cli tool ::
  3. atbswp - | GitHub - RMPR/atbswp: A minimalist macro recorder

only third one is a GUI, so i did:
sudo pacman -S tk python-wxpython
python3 -m pip install pyautogui pynput --user
git clone && cd atbswp
python3 atbswp/
and it works
i right click the main apps menu and added new launcher with cmd “python3 /home/myusername/apps/atbswp/atbswp/”
and it works.

Btw. when i have tried to install “python-devtools” package, the result is “A failure occurred in check(). AssertionError”