GUI app that disables Turbo

Hello everyone,

I had to reinstall Manjaro KDE and I lost the small GUI app that makes it possible to check/uncheck the “Turbo” option.
It was in the right corner (next to the wi-fi and the rest) and I didn’t manually install it.
I think It just appeared after some upgrade and it’s part of the system.
Does anyone knows how to get it?


The only app I recall doing that so effortlessly is boostchanger-git. Only for intel CPUs.


I have to mention, what I’m talking about felt like it’s part of the system.
It has like 4 tabs where you can change energy performance & fan speed.

It is possible that the package in question might be cpupower-gui, which has been dropped from the repo recently. Does it ring a bell?

it’s not cpupower-gui but it was something close to this.
on the first tab I had the option to check / uncheck “Turbo” … which cpupower-gui doesn’t seem to have…

and it was on the “Status and Notifications” window, next to Notifications, Manjaro Settings Manager, Bluetooth etc

Well, whilst we cannot find the correct package, give it a go to this one. It will let you turn boost on/off with a simple right click.

thanks for your help!

ah I think it was a widget that was in the system tray
but I didn’t find which one yet.