GUI and complelety removing apps

When using the command-line pacman, it seems -R does not remove all the files, and one has to use -Rns. Now, what if I use the GUI Add/Remove Software? Basically it does “-R”, right? Can I set the GUI to do “-Rns”?

Also, whether it is GUI or pacman, what if I had removed an app using -R, but after it has been uninstalled, I have changed my mind and want to completely remove its files. Can I somehow apply “ns” to delete the files? Or am I screwed?

Not possible after such an action, as far as I’m aware.

However, you can use the “history” log to see when the package was installed and infer what (former) dependent packages to remove (so long as they’re not required by other packages.)

EDIT: Oh shoot! Many pardons, Your Majesty. I read your question incorrectly.

You’re referring to the “pacsave” feature, and files created post-installation, such as .conf and config files?

I thought you were referring to unneeded dependencies with with -u flag. Just saw you wrote out the -n flag.

If it’s about extraneous config files, I’m not sure it’s possible with Pamac’s GUI. That’s one for the developers to answer.

EDIT 2: Or you were referring to both. :laughing:

So “yes” to the former, and “maybe not” to the latter.

EDIT 3: Thank you for the “Solution”, Your Majesty. You are much too kind. :pray:

Might I ask that you lower my town’s taxes and tariffs? :pleading_face:


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