GUFW doesn't show up

When I try to run GUFW by command on console or firewall configuration app then nothing happen. GUFW just doesn’t show after I wrote password. UFW is enable. How can I solve this problem?

run it in lowercase?


Unlike windows, unix based systems distinguish between lowercase and uppercase.

GUFW is not same as gufw. These are 2 different names.

Yes, I run it in lowercase (i don’t know why I wrote GUFW here).

stupid question, but is it installed?

pamac list -i | grep gufw

Try to start it with

sudo gufw

if you don’t solve it you may search the old forum

there are several 3d regarding that problem

Edit file /usr/bin/gufw-pkexec (details in the link)

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Thanks! That solved my problem.
And thanks to everyone, who tried to help.

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