Guest Additions / Resize Screen

Hi everyone
Ready to chuck my pc into the Thames!
I’ve been trying to add a virtualised Linux distro on Virtualbox. On none of them can I get Guest Additions to install.
I’ve settled on Manjaro.
The issue is when I click install - the drive opens but doesn’t run. I click run the software, and nothing happens.
The host PC has an Nvidia graphics card but the machine isn’t picking that up so maybe that’s an issue?
Ultimately I want to be able to get the full screen going. Could anyone help pls?

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Install virtualbox-guest-utils through the package manager, not with the virtualbox option. more here This should be be enough to get the usual screen resizing etc going.

Just checking, with the machine, do you refer to the VM that you want to run?

If you run a Windows host you might want to ask this question on windows/virtualbox support forum.
If it is linux this seems a good starting point.