Gtk3 breaks manager- accounting again

In this Post we discuss about the tracker Problem of the package, and till todays update i removed the tracker by using the solution part, but that can not use for the last update.

yay -G gtk3 && cd gtk3/trunk does not work,

→ Fehler beim Holen von gtk3: Fehler: Pullen ist nicht möglich, weil Sie nicht zusammengeführte Dateien haben.
Hinweis: Korrigieren Sie dies im Arbeitsverzeichnis, und benutzen Sie
Hinweis: dann ‘git add/rm ’, um die Auflösung entsprechend zu markieren
Hinweis: und zu committen.
Schwerwiegend: Beende wegen unaufgelöstem Konflikt.
context: exit status 128

what can i do in this case?

It looks like you use some git source for your gtk3 and you modified some files and now you have files that are not merged; it explains you what to do …
Looking at Manager forum, it seems many still report issues under linux (various distributions)

Thank you for replay, i have post in the manager and have a Look, whats going on.
I will report.

Oh man I have found the error, the pult the yes in my home directory in another folder, I schussel have but completely somewhere else want to build.
Yes what can I say, stupid is the one who does stupid.
Thank you have brought me on the right track.

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