GTK2 style on QT6 applications

I usually set the qt5 application style on " gtk2 " using qt5ct (there are various styles, like clearlooks, fusion etc)

On qt6, there are olnly the Fusion and the Windows stlyle, so I need to use the gtk2 style also with qt6.
Is there an extra package that I need or something else to do?

The Gtk2 style is provided by qt5-styleplugins which is deprecated. It has been dropped from the Manjaro repos. It will still be available in the AUR. There is no equivalent for Qt 6.

Gtk 2 is EOL and related packages are still in the process of being dropped.

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@Yochanan this sucks so much

How you pretend to make users able to uniform the look and feel of the applications in the various DEs? this is such a no-sense.
There is this package on the AUR for qt6

I think that users that use for example qt5 and qt6 in a gtk Desktop needs a total look and feel integration by default in the Manjaro’s ISOs.
So my humble opinion is that these packages should be included by default in Manjaro, not removed.

Is there a gtk3 equivalent?

there are some application that are still written on gtk2, so is dumb remove all the stuff gtk2 related ( my opinion )

See Uniform look for Qt and GTK applications - ArchWiki

For Manjaro colors on Gtk desktop like GNOME and Xfce, you can install the adwaita-maia theme.

With qt5ct, download and copy the following file to ~/.config/qt5ct/ and/or ~/.config/qt5ct/

You can also copy it to ~/.config/qt6ct/ and rename it to qt6ct.conf

If you like the default Adwaita blue, you can use qgnomeplatform.

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Ok thank you

I’ll try gtk2-compat
Does it works also with gimp?

EDIT: I can’ try it, because it removes gtk2 and breaks dependencies to some important packages I use, such like desmume and gimp

Mind you, even KDE has not migrated to Qt6 yet…

Yeah I know
@Yochanan BTW, I just try Kvantum, and I think it sucks, because to uniform qt styles using qt5/qt6ct was easier and make a custom kvantum themes is not so simple, because you have to manage also the svg file.
I installed qt6gtk2via AUR and it saved my day.

It’s really sad that with the new versions of gtk and qt libraries, customize your DE developing your stuff is becoming release after release as having a pole into your ass , and you need 3rd parties unofficial shit (like gtk3-nocsd and qt6gtk2) for maintain your DE like it used to be

Your frustration is understandable - I remember a similar frustration when 32bit was dropped back in 2017.

Yeah, but that time there was lib32 at the least
I use a 2008 machine, and I had no big deal with the 32bit dropping.
Now there is no solution, no alternative.
Developing a theme and make it fitting on all the differents toolkits requires too much effort, and it`s not that easy.
And, the worst part of them all, no official support, solution or effort by the developer of the graphical toolkits.
Linux was once beautiful also because everything was set to be uniform in look & feel, but now seems nobody cares a ■■■■ about that

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