GTK File Chooser doesn't load image previews

Just as the topic name says. Previews for images only appear after opening a folder containing the image in Nautilus. The folder specifically - opening Recent files doesn’t help

Is there a workaround?

Hi @CapObviopus and welcome to the Manjaro community

I don’t think it needs any workaround.

The previews show in Nautilus as they are meant to. While I’m not suggesting it’s impossible to do what you wish, I’d certainly add that it’s probably not advisable.

This would add undesired overhead to a mechanism (the file chooser) that is chiefly designed as a quick method of finding a file. This remains true in all platforms.

The basic icons illustrated with your graphic example are more than sufficient for that. Once in Nautilus, the previews become more relevant.

If you really must see previews straight away, use Nautilus directly to find your file, and click to open.

The preview thumbnails will not appear in the Gtk File Chooser unless they have already been generated in Nautilus. That’s by design.

In my opinion it does need either a workaround (which doesn’t exist as was stated by GNOME team member on their forum) or a rework. That’s weird and inconvenient that previews are generated only in that specific way.
If file chooser is a quick method for finding a file, it makes sence for it to load previews by itself so that user can actually choose a file quickly. That load doesn’t take more time than understanding that you must go and open Nautilus for some reason.
Yes, Nautilus can be used to upload pictures by dragging in most cases, but it also doesn’t load previews when viewing recent files. That way when I make a screenshot or download an image and need to upload it after, I can’t make use of recent files right away. Even though it would be pretty convenient since these images can be found there. Or rather they could be found since without previews it can be hard to tell them apart.

This is likely something you would need to take up with the Gnome team, which you apparently have, and clearly without the response you wanted.

You want a workaround.

The only obvious workaround is to ensure that preview generation in Nautilus happens beforehand, as suggested via extrapolation of the previous Manjaro Team post. Did you somehow miss that?

In Dolphin (I use KDE) the F5 key will refresh file display; I presume this also applies for Nautilus. I found an article Thumbnail sources in Gnome Help, which briefly explains thumbnail caching in relation to gThumb. This might remotely be of interest; and a good topic for further research.

I agree, on that point. However, the workaround for that is to name your files appropriately. Yes, I realise that can become exponentially more difficult as images accumulate; however, several packages that come to mind might help with that: gThumb, Shotwell or XnView.

I personally use DigiKam / ShowFoto (in KDE).

In summary, unless you can offer a compelling reason why Manjaro could/should indulge further discussion on the topic (when even Gnome seem to have no interest), I suggest giving the @Yochanan post a little tick. Cheers.

I’m sorry. I think I got this discussion in a wrong direction. I’ll discuss the issue in more appropriate place. Thank you for your time

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On my installation, previews of new files are automatically generated both in Dolphin and File Selector.


On my KDE installation, previews are automatically generated in Dolphin. When using File Selector, previews are shown because they have been generated in Dolphin.

I have a particularly performant system in which there is no noticeable latency between previews being generated in Dolphin, and viewing those same previews via File Selector.

I imagine anyone else with a decent machine, and the right environment, could also make your assumption.

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