GTA San Andreas tearing and stuttering

The game is tearing and stuttering since i switched kernel from 5.9 to 5.10, the tearing turns part of the screen black for a moment, in kernel 5.9 these issues aren’t present

When using a rolling release model, kernel management becomes a thing, so have you tried upgrading to 5.4 LTS already?


You should provide more info than this when asking for assistance. Such as inxi -Fza, what you’re running the game on (Steam), what proton version you’re using, etc.

Edit: That being said, I don’t think it matters much anymore. It looks like regression from Valve as you can see my edit at the bottom.

In your other thread, you’ve mentioned that Proton 4.11 fixed it.

I wonder if Proton 5.13-6 has some regression for older games with newer kernels. It might be a Proton issue that needs to be fixed by Valve, not a Manjaro or Kernel itself issue.

For example, Proton had some regressions [Issue 1 & 2] in 5.13 that doesn’t allow MangoHUD or vkBasalt to be used for months, recently got fixed though. It was Valve’s fault for that.

Edit: Looks like GTA: San Andreas is a mess in general. This issue has a regression tag on it.

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