Grubby: command not found

How can I install grubby? When I write command “grubby” , the inscription appears: the command is not found. therefore script does not run

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There is no package by that name in the Manjaro repositories, nor in the AUR. What exactly is that command supposed to do?

If you refer to this GitHub - rhboot/grubby then follow their documentation, but please do not ask on Manjaro forum for a fix once you mess your system.


If what you are seeking to run/install is indeed the script referenced by @bogdancovaciu, then I would strongly advise you not to use that in Manjaro.

Manjaro uses a customized GRUB configuration, and tools like that script can seriously mess up that configuration. Likewise for tools like grub-customizer.

Do not install or run any third-party software in Manjaro if you are new to GNU/Linux, or even if you come from the world of Ubuntu and similar distributions. That’s some good advice, right there.


Thanks for the warning. You’re right, the bootloader is broken. But I needed grubby for one script. It is worked. And I restored the bootloader without any problems)

If everything ended up as you planed and the script served its purpose, then is great nevertheless :+1: