Grub update wrong path can't change

when i use grub-editenv, there always error wrong file ‘//boot/grub/’.
i can’t find the grub config file and delete the ’/‘ with right file ‘/boot/grub/’,so what do i do. thanks for your help.

Have you heard of XY problems?

Be sure that this is not that.

man grub-editenv
grub-editenv --help
tells that there is no “delete” - remove the file

It is created from what is in /etc/default/grub

If you insist on editing it - list the values, then remove the file, then set the variables again

for example:

grub-editenv /boot/grub/grubenv list


… save the text somewhere, remove the file and set the variables correctly using the saved values

also be sure that it even makes sense to try and use:

the only file I have is:
and I never needed to touch it.

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