GRUB screen resolution

I’ve just done a timeshift restore then re-updated (testing branch) packages. Upon reboot I was surprised to see my GRUB screen resolution had changed. Previously it was, I’m guessing 640p, but now it has changed, again guessing 1440p the same as my monitor. I preferred the old larger menu. How can I change it back?

You can change it in the /etc/default/grub file.

Look for entry


and change auto into your preferred resolution (e.g. 640x480)

Safe the file and execute

sudo update-grub

After a reboot it should be changed.

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Thanks, as per the comment in the file I ran videoinfo from GRUB to first detect available resolutions. 1280x960 appears to work for me.

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As a follow up question. I plan on buying a widescreen monitor in the near future. Since I’ve hardcoded the res available on my current monitor, would GRUB break when I make the change?

I don’t know, best would be to check if you find any positive feedback to the specific model in the Arch/Manjaro community before buying it.

Hi Twifty, no you don’t risk anything;) I have a 34 “screen so wide but know that your resolution on a 34” monitor will not be very good in 1280x1024x32 because too big but it works.

on screen Grub
you can see commands
videoinfo list all resolution on start before videocard may be switched after boot kernel

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