Grub Rescue Screen Green after installing AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT

After installing a AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT GPU, the grub rescue screen is green. Once I boot into the system everything seems to be fine, but I want to make sure if this is a software glitch or possibly faulty hardware? Is there a way to determine what is causing this?

That is not grub resque but plymouth passphrase for your encrypted system.

Did you enable early kms in mkinitcpio.conf?

If you swapped a Nvidia card - make sure you don’t have any remnants of the nvidia x-org configuration left.

Thought it was called Grub rescue because if the password is misspelled it shows grub rescue underneath it. Regardless what it is called, before installing this GPU it had a black background with white text. Now its green with purple text.

Thank you for the suggestion, but I didn’t have a nvidia card before, it was also AMD. AMD 6750 XT. That GPU did not have this green screen issue.

If your display connection has a faulty wire, is not fully seated or there is a flaky connection point - such thing may cause color distortion.

I unplugged and plugged the hdmi cable into the motherboard hdmi slot, and the plymoth screen was normal black. Plugged it back into the gpu and it was green again. But when I boot into the operating system, I do not see any graphical glitches anywhere. Only the green plymoth screen is the abnormality.

Did you ensure the GPU is seated fully into the mainboard?

first things first. please use a manjaro-live iso and boot into a live system. if this works then it’s a software-problem if it ain’t then it’s a hardware-problem.
check this first that we can exclude possible problems/errors.
second, the card is in the right socket of the mainboard ? check the manual. then unplug and replug the card to verify the right seat of the card. check the additional power connector of the gpu .

Thank you both for the assistance, I found out my bios screen has this green color issue too. Looked that up and it turns out its a bug with Asrock motherboards and certain AMD GPUs.

So it turns out its unrelated to Manjaro.

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