Grub rescue mode opens when i try to boot into manjaro

I installed prime os(android x86 based os) alongside windows and manajaro i watched a tutorial for triple boot windows ubuntu and phoenix os(another android x86 based os) the guy in the tutorial said to make 2 partitions 1 for the os other for boot partition but when installing prime os it didn’t ask for a boot partition (i’m not sure if it did and i chose the defaults) now I can’t boot into manjaro
on grub it shows other os at hd0,gpt1, windows, prime os when i go into other os it takes me to rescue mode and same when i open boot manager and select manjaro from there
Using uefi bios
(Sorry for bad english)

One quick thing - does the Grub still look like manjaro?

Also … here you can find out how to chroot into your system from live media:

It doesn’t

I’ll read what you sent

Well thats one problem - manjaros grub boots just about everything … but just about no other grubs are happy to boot manjaro.
In other words - you should use Manjaro’s grub on a multi-boot setup.
(And it seems you overwrote it during your last OS install)

How do i get manjaro grub back? Will getting it fix the problem?

You could use a ‘restore grub’ guide like the one in the wiki:

Will getting the manjaro grub fix the problem
I forgot to mention i am also getting this on the rescue screen
error: `/boot/grub/x86_64-efi/normal.mod’ not found
Entering rescue mode. . .
grub rescue>

Quite possibly … but it depends on whether its just one of a number of things you did during your install.
Maybe you also overwrote some sector? Maybe there are malformed additions to the ESP?
I dont know … but we can be pretty sure the grub thing is A problem … even if we cant be sure its is the only problem.

Started working after installing grub tysm for all the help

Cheers. :slight_smile: :penguin: :penguin:
Happy penguins to you.

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