Grub not working symbol 'grub_debug_malloc' not found

Hello together, I’ve exchanged my Power supply and reconnected my Data Drives in a different pattern afterwards. Also i added a new SSD. Now my grub shows rescue mode with error “symbol ‘grub_debug_malloc’ not found”.

i checked all of this, but did not manage to fix it, yet.

Also i recognized one of my harddrives not being detected by uefi menu. i checked with a sata->usb adapter, they indeed worked perfectly normal. I can’t seem to get this drive connected again - i changed cables, which work on other harddrives…

I manage to get into the system by using grub of another installation, but this is not how it should work…

Somehow my system seems to be messed up after this upgrade. i didn’t change any software in the meanwhile.

I am very happy for any explanation and/or help!

To put it simple: It happens when you try to boot in BIOS mode where grub efi is installed or boot in UEFI mode where grub bios is installed, or you just overwrite the grub files with the wrong mode.

So as mentioned a lot of times on the net. grub-install in the correct mode and boot with the correct mode. If you have overwritten the files, remove /boot/grub/* and grub-install with the correct parameters.