Grub missing and not booting after kernel update

I guess that ‘memtest’ is the third boot entry inside your grub menu - try changing GRUB_DEFAULT=2 to 0, 1, or saved, the latter will boot whatever was chosen last.

You can edit the file with sudo nano /etc/default/grub
Maybe make a backup first: sudo cp /etc/default/grub /etc/default/grub.bak

The default is windows 10. This was working before grub was gone.
Besides now in terminal, pacman -Syu grub command won’t work
Sometime an error message pops saying /mnt unmounted.

It still looks like your grub was never gone…

Seems that way but the system wont boot.

You said that it keeps booting into memtest. I’m trying to explain to you the possible reason :thinking:

Yes it was like that before I booted with windows 10 recovery usb and run bootrec /fixmbr command. So grub is removed from mbr but I can’t find a way to restore.

I’m afraid it’s beyond my knowledge whenever Windoze comes into the picture…

That’s all right. Thank you anyway. I appreciate all the members who tried to help me.
I think a reinstalling is the easiest way since I don’t have much personal data to back up on manjaro.

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