Grub menu style/look

Is there a way to change the look of the grub menu on KDE build?

Iā€™m currently using this to customize grub

try grub-customizer

Not recommendable, this caused a lot of borked systems in the past - unless you are experienced user and know exactly what you are doing with that tool.

If you think about background image and theming have a look into the arch wiki and change your /etc/default/grub file accordingly:


I did not know that ! I use the grub-customizer on ubuntu-Mint-Debian without any problem! Just to relocate or rename options .

about grub-customizer
this is Grub for ubuntu & cie ,
version Grub is not the same we use 2.04 serie

and they CANT LEARN HOW to boot kernel img and microcode

we use grub ( manjaro ) or grub -vanilla ( from archlinux )

never propose an another solution without any support in case it goes bad
that means you will accept to help on grub rescue ?

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