GRUB menu always shows up every boot

Hello, Good Day! I have searched the internet, but I haven’t found an answer yet. I do not know what this is called, but it happened only recently. It shows up every boot. Please help me… Thank you.

Did you recently do a system recovery from Timeshift or similar?

do you want to hide the grub menu??

Are you talking about the screen? Or the menu entry you highlighted?

the screen… The screen shows up every boot.

Somewhat a week before this issue appeared

So I’ve seen that happen with Timeshift recovery before, we’ll, I’ve seen the grub entry appear after loading a Timeshift backup.

If it’s the presence of the Grub screen at all, then I’m not sure why that would suddenly appear. But it’s not going to hurt anything.

the screen you are referring to is called grub menu. you can hide it so that it won’t show up everytime during boot.

sudo vim /etc/default/grub 

replace menu to hidden in 3rd line GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE

sudo update-grub

reboot and see if it is still visible


Hello, thank you for replying! But… “hidden” is already there in GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE

then try changing GRUB_TIMEOUT in 2nd line from 5 to 0 and sudo update-grub

i did it and restarted my computer, however it did not fixed it yet…

add GRUB_FORCE_HIDDEN_MENU="true" to /etc/default/grub and sudo update-grub

i did it but sadly again it did not work…

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet udev.log_priority=3"

Use 0.0 instead of 0
Doesnt make much sense but i do remember having issues with this

And dont forget to
sudo update-grub

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the 0.0 worked! Thank you Thenujan! Thank you so much ishaanbhimwal!


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