Grub luks slow boot. Need help making boot time faster on a encrypted installation

Hi. I set up full disk encryption on installation but I find it slow, like 20+ seconds after decrypting my HDD to reach grub and so on to my system. I read that the reason for this is to fight brute force attack and also learned that this count can be reduced. Sadly the solution from the old forums is dead

Can someone please guide me to the right direction?

You can see the post here: GRUB LUKS Slow boot - Newbie Corner - Manjaro Linux Forum

Search results referring to dead topics - can usually be resolved by prefixing the url with

The main reason decrypting installations made with the Calamares installer is due to the use of GRUB as bootloader.

GRUB only supports LUKS and not LUKS2 and therefore the default installation will be slow to boot. This cannot be changed unless upstream Calamares changes something.

Guides exist to change the encryption from LUKS to LUKS2 but in doing so you also need to change your bootloader from GRUB to systemd-boot.

The use of GRUB are probably not going to change so - if you need encrypted installation - you need to do the install by hand.

This is not an easy task and it does scares most members off.

The most viable option is to learn to install by hand - and zombie brains can’t do that - sorry for the metafor - your username called for it (don’t even ask for the pictures in my head).

Examples on guides - maybe there is more - with various approaches - just search for it