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Hi, I use the cinnamon edition and when I first installed virtualbox, I got an error that it was missing the kernel modules for Linux 59. I therefore installed the latest LTS kernel 5.10.42-1 and kernel 5.4.124-1 uninstalled kernel 59 and then virtual box stopped complaining and is working perfectly. However at boot up, in the grub menu, I’m presented with 4 choices? 2 times the 5.10 and 2 times the 5.4 each pair look the same?

what’s the difference between the duplicated kernels? I tried all 4 of them and see no difference in the working of my system?
also is any of those kernel better suited to virtualbox? or maybe an other one altogether? which one should I use?
the laptop is an old (2013) lenovo x230 with 8gb ram and a 500gb ssd. it’s very fast…

The second one is always the fallback initramfs .
All active maintained kernels work in VBOX.

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They are not duplicates, but due to the low resolution of your boot loader screen, the entries are truncated.

There are always two entries for each kernel, i.e. the main (normal) boot option and the fallback boot option ─ the latter has an initramfs that doesn’t do autodetect.


Thanks for the explanation. Is there anything I can do to change the resolution of grub? Also the login screen is often (but not always?) in a low resolution as in this screenshot

once i’m login, the resolution is fine. thanks

About grub, there is a specific entry for resolution, yes.

You could find more info in Arch or Manjaro wikis.

It’s set to default if I remember well, you can change it. Me I’ve set it to 1600x900 to match my resolution once logged in.

Find the instruction online, fix the grub resolution - I can now see the complete kernel lines. Fixed the login window by changing the background image to the same as on my desktop. Thanks
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