GRUB hides windows bootloader from BIOS?

I use two PCs, one with WIndows and one with manjaro. Recently motherboard of my Manjaro PC died, so I decided the put the drive into my Windows PC for time being while waiting for replacement motherboard.

the issue is whenever I boot into manjaro it hides Windows boot manager from UEFI boot entries. Is this behaviour normal? When I put the drive I thought I will have to choose the boot loader via F12 key each time. But whenever I boot into manjaro next time windows bootloader is vanished from BIOS and I have to use grub to boot into windows.

I checked with bootice in windows, the windows boot loader entry is hidden in the UEFI. when I remove the hidden flag I can again see windows boot loader in the BIOS. Is there any way to stop grub from doing this?

Welcome at the forum, @ashu00

I rather think it has something to do with your fimrware.

Please open a terminal window in Manjaro and enter the following commands:

inxi -Fazy
sudo parted -l
sudo lsblk -f
sudo efibootmgr -v

and post the complete output here.