Grub failing installation after not finding file

This is the error I’m getting after it asks me to select Grub as (I think the default bootloader).

Is it saying that it can’t find the Grub file to install?

I’m installing Grub on a Micro SD card since I can’t find my HDD (to overwrite Windows), so maybe this is because I’ve deleted the install disc when partitioning/mapping? the drive. Maybe not a good idea.

You can’t usually boot from an SD card, only if it is in a USB adapter. (Or when the SD slot is actually a USB adapter inside.)

Another point, when you install in UEFI mode you can select an existing ESP partition. Just take care not to tick “format” checkbox. Manjaro EFI can coexist with Widows EFI on the same partition.

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Thanks. I’ve recovered my Windows installation, am regrouping, and going in for a second attempt. This time with a bootable USB.