Grub error during USB boot

When trying to boot from USB to install, i got a grub error “grub_disk_native_sector not found” how would i fix this?

i used rufus 3.5 to write the ISO, etcher always fails for some reason

rufus did give me an error saying that i needed to download grub 2.04 because it only had 2.02, not sure if that may be helpful

im able to use the ISO in virtualbox successfully

Have you verified the checksum after burning the stick?

Maybe the USB stick is defective.

Which OS are you using ?

Manajro KDE plasma latest version

i dont know how to do that

Then you should use Imagewriter to flash the USB stick.

i downloaded it, but it only uses .img files, not .iso, and i dont know where to get the img file for manjaro

You need the *.iso file from here:

and flash your USB stick.

thats the one i have

Then install and start Suse Studio Imagewriter, select the ISO image, USB stick, you want to write and flash it.

ok i did that, is there supposed to only be a 4MB partition with a folder called efi?

Windows 10, i ran chkdsk on it and it came out with no errors

I had a look at my Manjaro 20.1.2 USB stick and there are the following visible contents on the stick:


I am using my Manjaro installation.

Or you can use Ventoy: Ventoy

thats what im trying to use rn, but its been stuck like this for the past 12 hours



  1. Windows installation is not working correctly
  2. USB stick defective
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