Grub entries not working after installing second OS

I have just installed Fedora Jam next to Manjaro. I thiught everything worked well, but now I can not boot into Manjaro anymore.

Both entries for Manjaro are getting this result:

Any help to fix it?

The Manjaro fallback is working though.

Manjaro needs it’s own grub.

Please provide detailed info about how you partitioned your system for both OS’s.
If you are using same /boot partition things get messed up…

sudo lsblk --all
efibootmgr --verbose
findmnt --all

Short: one OS is defined as “Master” (Manjaro) second or third requieres
entry in /etc/grub.d/40_custom
==> chainloading does the trick.
Every OS needs its own Grub (efi) and every OS may change its own grub:
then cainloading is the remedy
German guide:

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you can report on fedora :
a symbol ` is not ’ so they cant separate multiple initrd

from git savannah

→ should be solved for ALL grub since 2016 …

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