Grub-emu is different from the actual grub

Hi everyone!

As the design addict I am, I wanted to customize my grub a little bit, put some cool theme on it, change the font, ordinary stuff.

I’m trying to use grub-emu so I can have a way of taking a decent screenshot of the grub, but the problem is the screen grub-emu shows is really different from the one my pc shows me when I boot it. grub-emu shows a black ugly screen, despite my grub being the cool green one from manjaro. I tried to add links to the images but I couldn’t :pensive: but I hope you get the point.

It’s my first post on a forum + I’m pretty new to manjaro + I’m not a english native speaker, then sorry if I sound kinda dumb. I know that changing my grub can be a bit dangerous, but I installed manjaro on my pc really recently and I want to experiment a bit with it, so as long as I don’t turn my motherboard in a trivet I’m ready to take the consequences.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @monjoro, and welcome!

Hehe, while I’m not a designer, I know how you feel, always wanting to customize, to tweak and in general just…rice’ing it.

I have a grub theme myself, and I got the inspiration from this thread, so it’ll possibly be inspiration for you as well.

What’s more, I’m now strongly considering swapping my grub for rEFInd. But I’m still reading up on it, on the procedure of going about it and then I’ll make a final decision on it.

But I hope that helps at least a bit.

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Thanks for your kind reply. But I’m afraid this don’t answer my question.

I don’t have a problem with inspiration for now, my problem is with my grub-emu not working as it should.

Do you use grub-emu, and if yes, do you have a clue why its acting like I described in the post?