Grub don't want to show up

(I am not english speeker, so if you don’t understand something just ask for rewrite)

Me a idiot accidentally restarted the pc during an update, and when as trying to boot manjaro grub can’t find the kernel, picked my live-usb and go trying fix the problem, as espected of a noob i made the situation worse, now the grub is missing.

What i remember doing:
• Majaro-chroot and pacman -Syu
ー result: nothing
• update grub
ー result: nothing
• reinstall grub
ー result: no grub any more

System Info:
•Dual boot:
(Need more info? Just ask)

PATH       PTTYPE PARTTYPE                             FSTYPE   PARTTYPENAME
/dev/loop0                                             squashfs 
/dev/loop1                                             squashfs 
/dev/loop2                                             squashfs 
/dev/loop3                                             squashfs 
/dev/sda   gpt                                                  
/dev/sda1  gpt    c12a7328-f81f-11d2-ba4b-00a0c93ec93b vfat     EFI System
/dev/sda2  gpt    e3c9e316-0b5c-4db8-817d-f92df00215ae ext4     Microsoft reserved
/dev/sda3  gpt    ebd0a0a2-b9e5-4433-87c0-68b6b72699c7 ntfs     Microsoft basic data
/dev/sda4  gpt    c12a7328-f81f-11d2-ba4b-00a0c93ec93b vfat     EFI System
/dev/sda6  gpt    0fc63daf-8483-4772-8e79-3d69d8477de4 ext4     Linux filesystem
/dev/sda7  gpt    0fc63daf-8483-4772-8e79-3d69d8477de4 ext4     Linux filesystem
/dev/sda8  gpt    0657fd6d-a4ab-43c4-84e5-0933c84b4f4f swap     Linux swap
/dev/sdb   dos                                         iso9660  
/dev/sdb1  dos    0x0                                  iso9660  Empty
/dev/sdb2  dos    0xef                                 vfat     EFI (FAT-12/16/32)

And a strange thing is that i have 3 efi: win10, manjaro go back to bios and the other to grub rescue.

so first chroot:
manjaro-chroot -a
rerun update:
sudo pacman-mirrors --fasttrack 5 && sudo pacman -Syyu
if no errors, post output from:
mhwd-kernel -li

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Just manjaro should suffice.

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no errors

[manjaro /]# mhwd-kernel -li
Currently running: 5.15.60-1-MANJARO (linux515)
The following kernels are installed in your system:
   * linux515

so reinstall the 515:
pacman -S linux515
reinstall grub:

grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi --bootloader-id=manjaro --recheck 

update it:
mkinitcpio -P && update-grub
if no errors, exit chroot:
reboot and see if it helped


do this:
sudo nano /etc/default/grub
and change this line to look like this:
GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE=menu - its third from top;
save the file with: ctrl+x and run this:
sudo update-grub
reboot and check

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(Forgot to mark as answer and in the time of writing you answed so just ignore)
The dead horse is alive, but just insta goes to manjaro, no grub boot selection screen

for grub menu being shown during boot do this:

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Grub working fine, thank you for your time and knowledge anonymous with the nickname of a beer

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