Grub doesnt list my manual btrfs timeshift snapshots anymore

grub doesnt list my manual btrfs timeshift snapshots anymore

Unit /etc/systemd/system/grub-btrfs.path is added as a dependency to a non-existent unit run-timeshift-backup.mount

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after researching for hours still cant find a solution and afraid to upgrade my laptop too leaving them both vulnerable without grub-btrfs working

Re-check that you actually have btrfs and not rsync type snapshots enabled in timeshift.

i checked multiple times ,it is btrfs type of snapshots

i even uninstalled and reinstalled timeshift ,reset its settings

disabled and re-enabled grub-btrfs.path

it seems that the latest timeshift update introduced random timeshift mount names that grub-btrfs.path cant follow

A solution that i check and seems to work (i restored a snapshot successfully) is to create an fstab entry like

UUID=3ccce400-6cf3-4d91-99a0-d5228a8fe2d3 /run/timeshift/backup       btrfs   defaults,noatime,commit=120,compress-force=zstd 0 0

and then re-enable grub-btrfs.path

systemctl reenable grub-btrfs.path
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This seems to be a bug.

I also noticed on my other PC that after the last stable update (2022-06-12) that I am unable to browse the btrfs snapshots at /run/timeshift/backup/timeshift-btrfs/snapshots/ as I used to do (as a normal user). This is the case even after Timeshift has run at least once after a restart of the system.

I have found browsing the snapshots there to be really informative and occasionally a lifesaver if I accidentally delete/edit a file in my home folder. I then can quickly retrieve the previous version of the file (I have my home included in the btrfs snapshots in the Timeshift settings).

I have noticed that when I run the Timeshift gui the snapshots do appear in a similar location to the above but they seem to be only temporarily available and disappear when the Timeshift gui is closed.

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