Grub at larger resolutions (with vinceliuice/grub2-themes on GitHub)

I’m trying to use this tool: GitHub - vinceliuice/grub2-themes: Modern Design theme for Grub2

I cloned the repo and ran the install script as root, as per the instructions.

I seemed to have run into one of the the known issues described in the

After entering the command line at grub, vbeinfo returns nothing. Entering videoinfo returns this.

Apparently my grub recognizes a max resolution of 1280x1024 meanwhile the resolution for my monitor is 3840x1600 (although I understand and be willing to settle for the supported 3440x1440 which the app is designed to support).

The contents of /etc/default/grub (but specifically the line which says: GRUB_GFXMODE) I have set to: =3440x1440x32.

After making that change I saved and entered: sudo grub-mkconfig -o /boot/grub/grub.cfg.

I rebooted, held my breath, and grub remained at 1024x768 and there was no fancy splash, just the ugly plain default appearance.

What could I try next?

edit: correct imgur link

For me 32 bit color depth never seems to work. Using 16 bit does.

@vinceliuice user produces some really themes.

I have used the users theme.txt as groundwork for several Manjaro themes. I have even provided updated Manjaro png’s for the project - so I know it works.

The various arguments for the script is used to select the background and to set the positions of various elements - nothing fancy really - but putting it together is hard work.

Your problem seems to be hardware related. You can’t force it to an unsupported mode - so to get the best result you should try auto - this will pick the highest available resolution.


If it don’t you can try with the resolution provided by videoinfo

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Hi @linux-aarhus! Thank you for your reply.

I cross posted my question to viniceliuice’s official GitHub Issues page here: Trying to configure 3440x1440 but grub is not changing · Issue #110 · vinceliuice/grub2-themes · GitHub

To provide some closure, vinice’s feedback on GitHub was similar to yours here on the Manjaro forums: For what ever reason my BIOS hardware firmware supports a max resolution of only 1280x1024. There is no way to increase it and theming my grub is a hopeless endeavor.

By the way, when my GRUB_GFXMODE option is set to auto, the resolution is 1024x768. When I manually change auto to 1280x1024, that does increase the resolution of grub and VTs which is alittle nicer than 1024x768.