Grub and boot problem

Linux noob,
I dual booted Manjaro 20.1 on my MSI Modern 14 and it was installed perfectly and running fine but after I restarted it, grub didn’t show up and I booted right into windows , I tried booting up with live disk and running chroot also tried installing and updating grub as a root user and referred to GRUB/RESTORE in the wiki but I suppose I must be doing something wrong.
It’s not that I can’t boot into Manjaro I have to go into the BIOS and then into boot options and change preference to Manjaro but then I can’t boot into windows and am forced to change preferences in boot options every time I have to use the other OS, My laptop is running in UEFI mode but there is an option of UEFI + CSM should I switch to that or is there any other way I could make grub working.

P.S. :- I didn’t do any manual partitions while installing and chose the install alongside windows option, also fast boot is disabled, also as a root user installed grub on nvme/01 which is same as dev/sda in ssd’s but that didn’t work too.

In your BIOS create custom menu entries for booting your installed OS, then you will not have to manually change preference, but rather you can access the boot menu and select the one you want to boot …

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Thanks , I’ll do this

Seems like the grub menu isn’t being displayed.
Try opening /etc/default/grub, and check if GRUB_TIMEOUT and GRUB_TIMEOUT_STYLE are present and not commented (aka, it’s not preceded by a # at the start of the line) in the file.
Then ensure that the timeout is not zero, since it’s the number of seconds the grub menu will be shown, and that the timeout style is set to menu instead of hidden.

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