Grey screen then blank when trying to use display port and hdmi port on GPU

New to Manjaro, previously have only used Debian-based distros so sorry if Im missing something obvious. I have an AMD rx 560 that was tested and working before I bought it but whenever I try to use it it grey screens. Even after installing the recommended open-source drivers and proprietary drivers it still doesn’t work. I updated and downloaded all of the necessary firmware and then some. Still nothing. And it doesn’t matter if I use the display port or the HDMI port, I still get a grey screen with a green outline for a few seconds then no signal. Is this a driver issue or a hardware issue?

can you boot from USB live manjaro
open a terminal and report

inxi -Fza 

Realized it was a driver issue. Now can view the boot menu from the graphics card, but I think one of the drivers is breaking my boot. It freezes after Starting the flush journal to persistent storage