Greetd not start

sway-2107 fresh install, greetd not work.

check in the etc greetd folder. if i remember correctly the installer leaves the oem for autologin & the installer for session.

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sorry was on tablet.
here’s what mine looks like, user should be your name.

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What does not work?

This should be an issue as it looks for the existence of the calamares-oem installer and if not found just quits the initial session, which is used for it.

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yeah, i found it leaves oem as the user & the installer as the command.
oem should be replaced with new user name
command should be set to start sway

it’s like an incomplete install, i did the ctrl+alt+f2 to fix mine when i came back to sway.

i’m currently getting random lockups on sway, so i’ve fallen back to my backup raspberry os + i3.
i think it’s xwayland, i disabled xwayland in sway/config which just bought more time between lockups. didn’t really look into to deeply.

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thanks guys, thought new release will fix issues but not.

since the firefox updated to 90, i haven’t had any lockups been running since this mourning.
played many videos & no lockups like it was doing yesterday.
my eyes are bad today, so i been running at 1280x1024 instead of 1920x1080, don’t know if that’s making a difference.

xwayland disable, cause firefox add new tab & close fail.

no issues here with that.
firefox is actually running perfectly for me.

forgot to mention i’m on unstable branch & using the mainline kernel. switched when i was trying to fix the lockups.
using an rpi4 4gb, sway on sd card.

sounds like you need to check your about:support make sure your running on wayland.

i’ve also done a few changes on my system, like swapping nautilus & gedit for pcmanfm-gtk3 & mousepad. the visual tweaks as you can see, to make things mouse friendly.

btw, wlroots updated, do we need sway rebuild?

Running on arm-testing here without issue.

i haven’t had issues since firefox updated to 90.
all the times it locked up i was using firefox.

currently not on sway though. found something interesting to play with.

Hi there. Don’t panic, this is praise! I’m new to manjaro on arm, and have spent three days orienting myself. I joined the forum this afternoon. My problem was the greeter and you showed me the fix.
I know this sounds noobish, but this is my first impression of the forum and perception is everything. Thanks ever so much :slight_smile: