Greatly Confused About Xfce Desktop Customization


Very confused about Xfce desktop customization.

I see the following in Settings:

  • “Appearance”
  • “Kvantum Manager”
  • 'Qt5 Settings"
  • “Window Manager”

I had a Xfce desktop visual style I liked, but it changed with the most recent update.
Anyone can explain the above?
I’ve tried changing options for the above four, but had mixed results…


Appearance of GTK programs

Theme manager for Qt programs on a GTK DE such as XFCE

Settings for Qt5 programs

XFCE’s Window manager (xfwm) settings

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  • Firefox Internet browser
  • Thunderbird email client
  • Chromium Internet browser
    the open tabs panel has turned black with last Manjaro update.

How can I change the above to white?
Let me know, thanks!



In Appearance > Style tab select a style that is not ‘Dark’ or ‘Darker’
xfce4-appearance-settings [Xfce Docs]