Great team, great comunity, great distro

I’m a purple kangaroo, I think it’s somewhat clear because my name is that, and I just wanted to leave a message of thanks to the entire manjaro team and its developers and directors, for leaving an operating system that is simply opening many doors personally and professionally for my. Before, I thought that Linux was generally something old and that there was no point in continuing, until after so much walking I found manjaro and at times of fanboy as they say, well I found myself, thanks to what manjaro is, its stability and its option to be both automatic As a manual, the use of pacman-pamac, compiling has given me steps to do training, preparation, and certification within what GNU Linux is, opening the way to a professional path in what I see as really great. And I think if I hadn’t already been with Manjaro for 2 years I would still be doing heavy duty work on composite cables. Just Thank you Manjaro.