Grass 3.8.5 GUI crashes on start-up

I am trying to run the latest version of GRASS from the AUR repository. Software starts fine but crashes as soon as GUI opens. It is repeatable and has a known cause of a bug in wxpython 3.9 and 4.0. The problem has already been patched in some distributions but not for Manjaro or I assume ArchLinux.

Problem was put on GitHub on 20th January and then closed as the person patched for himself wxPython 4.1 and its appropriate version of wxWidgets. I do not have the skills needed to do that can anyone help?

Additional information:

AFAIK the needed upstream fix on wyPython was this:
Restore GIL acquisition in wxPseudoDC::FindObjects* by RobinD42 · Pull Request #1849 · wxWidgets/Phoenix · GitHub
merged into their master on Nov 18, 2020. I have no idea in which
wxPython release this will be/has been included.

Arch Linux - python-wxpython (x86_64)
→ python-wxpython, Build Date: 2020-11-12
==> too old.

Releases · wxWidgets/Phoenix · GitHub
on Nov 25, 2020: wxPython-4.1.1
==> not yet packaged.

The Arch community python-wxpython package was flagged out of date almost exactly a year ago for version 4.1.0, but all the maintainer has done since then is a couple maintenance changes and a reubild for Python 3.9. Usually packages are held back because things that depend on it may not work with a newer version.

Sylvain POULAIN posted this crash on lithium on 20th Jan. He has used wxpython 4.1.1 with a newer version of wxwidgets (3.1.5) and that resolved the GUI crash. He did include code but that at present is beyond my understanding.

Scott Talbert swt2c added
Just a heads-up…I’m now maintaining the wxPython 4.0.x branch, so if you want to stick with 4.0.x, I’m planning to do a release 4.0.8 relatively soon with this fixed.

Clearly there is a need for either a patched version of the current wxpython package or an upgrade to 4.1.1.