Graphics LED above the power button is always orange

After installing Manjaro on the MSI laptop, I noticed that the LED above the power button is always orange, while I did not have this problem in Ubuntu.
To solve this problem, I changed the user environment to kde, but it didn’t work
I also changed the graphic mode to itegreated using optimus-manager, but the problem was still not solved
please guide me.
CPU i5 10th

what is the purpose of this led?

It is stated in the msi documentation that :
The power button shows which graphics is currently in use. The power button lights amber when the discrete GPU is in use. Otherwise, it **lightswhite when the integrated GPU is in use
currently i’m using integrated GPU and my GPU temp is 30C

Ah the old Nvidia problem. I can’t help you because I avoid that hardware. But I can tell you it’s a common issue that is probably discussed in multiple threads here, the wiki and don’t forget to check out Arch help files, which maybe the best out there.

Is it a problem to use Manjaro with this situation?

After a lot of efforts and reading about the operation of the graphics card in Manjaro, I was able to solve the problem.
First, the graphics card mode should be changed to integrated. This can be done in optimus-manager.
Then with the help of this guide
I changed the power management settings and the problem was solved.


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