Graphic problem


I just installed Manjaro linux with i3.
But i have a problem, My screen have a big resolution (2880x1800), which is not easy to read (i principaly use linux for coding).

But when i’m trying to change my resolution with something lower(i use arandr or xrandr), my main screen go black.
Can you help me please.

Thank you for reading me

Install autorandr if xrandr / arandr doesn’t help.
Read help. If you have more than 1 monitor
autorandr common
finds the largest common resolution
autorandr -s <profm1>
saves it to profm1
if you succeded to select a lower res. with arandr save it to either ~/.screenlayout/
or autorandr -s <prof2>
and autorandr --cycle toggles them
You will find the generated configs under ~/.config/autorandr/
But xrandr shows the possible settings of your hw. With arandr you can save it to
chmod +x .sceenlayout/
insert it to ~/.i3/config

exec --no-startup-id $HOME/.screenlayout/
Sorry for mixing several things.

First of all, it’s generally recommended to post your system configuration by running the command inxi -Fazy and posting the output.

Second, what desktop environment are you using? Because rather than changing the resolution, I’d imagine that using display scaling would be a better approach than a low resolution. For all we know, the black screen could be because the panel has limited support for lower input resolutions.

i3, easy to miss:

Some of these links might be useful:


Ah apologies - completely missed the desktop environment. The rest of my post still stands though; it’s generally much better to use display scaling / hidpi support than changing the resolution. As the link @soundofthunder provided states, a potential solution is to putt something like Xft.dpi: 192 in ~/.Xresources (for a different scaling ratio, replace 192 with 96*x, where x is the scaling ratio you want to achieve).