GPUCache & DawnCache - what are those?

I just noticed that I got a two new folders in my home:


They contain index and data_0 to data_3 small files from 7.10.2023. There are no installs or uninstalls on that date. The last update (testing branch) was on 5.10.2023.

I’ve never seen this before, I don’t know what is it from and what does it do. Can I safely delete them?

Any idea?

EDIT: I found this:

I don’t recall using Chrome that day, but from the research I found, a lot of various apps create it… This is disturbing that some apps create mess in my user space :frowning: .

Chrom* usually creates at least GPUCache in the profile.
You may have copied it from there at some point?

There were troubleshooting threads having to do with it at some point too.


Please note that any Electron-based application also brings their own Chromium engine which create these directories (MS-Teams, Signal, etc.).

However, they should be in the ~/.cache directory or in ~/.config (wrong but at least no polluting $HOME). You can only check which ill-behaving application creates this by deleting it (yes, it’s safe) and rechecking the applications you use.

Thanks. I’ll delete those and be checking if they re-appear.

From what I found, those folders sometimes show up in locations where app was executed, but there is no app in my home, so I don’t know about that.