GPU passthrough - how do I?


Like a month ago i had problems with iommu groups. Now i successfully passed my GPU to VM BUT it does not post(shows no signal). Im sitting here like two hours now and i have no idea what to do. It looks like i did everything correctly but it still does not work…

Please help me… I feel like i missed something…

Don’t bother with GPU passthrough when using an nVidia card, i tried in past for a Win10 VM…
nVidia has build-in obstacles to make it not work…

Well i could try to pass the amd one if that changes anything

That would be a far better choice, because people have had that working.
These are my bookmarks i made in the past, related to this topic, maybe some can help you…



I stopped after i got stuck with the Win10 driver refusing to install the nVidia driver back then…

Thank you. I will try to pass my RX580.

You’re welcome hope you get it all sorted out and working as you want.
PS: I changed the categories of the topic :wink:

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What’s the error showing when you right click on the gpu at the device manager in windows?
Possible you’ll need to add the vendor in the vm’s config.

I think enough people got it working these days with nvidia, it shouldn’t be the cullprit.

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Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

AMD - same problem.

Try to add 2 things between the <features> </features> section of the .xml config file of the vm,

 <vendor_id state="on" value="TU116"/>


      <hidden state="on"/>

so it looks like this

      <relaxed state="on"/>
      <vapic state="on"/>
      <spinlocks state="on" retries="8191"/>
      <vendor_id state="on" value="TU116"/>
      <hidden state="on"/>
<cpu mode>

Yuo can edit the xml of the vm in the graphical editor of the vm, or with virsh edit winvmname

If not configured to use as root and with nano:
sudo EDITOR=nano virsh edit winvmname

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I use to debate doing this but never really felt the need personally because I never cared for the games with EAC. @S1vde I’m curious to know what games are you looking to do it for?

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Thank you, everything works now.

I dont play much games, i use my pc for coding and some csgo. I need this VM because im not used to compiling/coding on linux.

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CSGO is native to linux now since it was made by valve. As for coding I’d be willing to help you with that. What language do you code in?

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Right now im coding/learning to code c++. I already tried compiling on linux and i dont really like it… I just prefer compiling on windows 10 and i had to order 2nd GPU thats why i did this VM thing.

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I hear you. The last time I dealt with GCC was before vs code was a thing and haven’t really used it for C++ as I don’t use that language for work. (it was the language I was taught in school but haven’t really used it since unfortunately) Kudos on learning it. In my experience once you learn that language it makes the other ones like Java and Python seem easy for the most part. (with the exception of trying to read extremely dynamic code since c++ forces you to be explicit which is one of the major things I miss about it.)

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is there a program or guide for beginners to passtrhough a GPU to the Windows 10 VM, i really want to do that by myself but it turned out it is way to complicatet for me so far…i am not totally new to such pc things but at the moment i am not able to do so unfortunatly

thanks for ure help