GPGME Failure for updates

Hi all,

I have an update notification, but every time I try through the GUI it gets a corrupted file failure. I tried using the command prompt and am told it’s something to do with a GPGME failure. I have tried some of the instructions I have read for similar problems (clearing the cache etc.) but this hasn’t changed anything.

It’s possible this happened when my internet cut out halfway through an update (I remember there being a very big update a couple of weeks ago), because it was only after that that this happened.

Incidently, I am not sure if this is related, but the only Kernal I have as a option now is 5.15.28-1 (I recall there used to be quite a few options).



hey, run again the update, and copy the formated output of the error here

Thanks maycne - this seems to have done this trick!


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