Gpasswd: group 'lpadmin' does not exist in /etc/group

Trying to install an Epson ET-2760 and upon executing:

sudo gpasswd -a whoami lpadmin

I get the error in the title. I have no idea what I’m doing or how to fix the problem. Just going through a tutorial to try to get my printer working…

Don’t follow stupid tutorials on some third party sites.

On ArchLinux based Systems it is only lp, but it is not needed in general to add yourself to that group.

Manage the printer with system-config-printer or any other GUI which is provided by your DE. You can also use bare metal Web-Interface as used at that tutorial.

It may be dumb, but when it comes to Linux… I’m dumber

I shortened the command and deleted the admin off of it… IT WORKED !!

Unfortunately the next step in the tutorial is to start Cups and that fails:
Unit org.cups.cupsd.service not found

Yeah, I can see that.

You see what happens when you follow an outdated tutorial…

It is:

sudo systemctl enable --now cups.service

However that are better sources:

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Got far enough to print a test page. I have no idea what I’m doing here but maybe it’s working now. Thanks for all the help!