Gparted and timeshift ignore system theme

this is how they look (theme isn’t fully aplied)

Everything is fine (even my accent colors work) in other apps.

OMFGawd really that’s cause there is no Kvantum theme installed.

Are you using a theme other than Adw/Adw-Dark ?

i am using adw-gtk3-dark

I have kvantum enabled
And my kvantum theme is KvLibadwaitaDark, which works fine in all other apps

Shouldn’t it rather be :point_down: ?


kvantum-dark loads dark version of the theme if available (which is what i want)

Kvantum is not necessary and apparently is what is causing your issue.



But I have a specific kvantum theme, should i still change it?

Kvantum is a red herring here. These are gtk apps and should be unaffected by kvantum. Gparted is gtk2, so you need o set your gtk2 theme. Timeshift is gtk3 if memory serves, not sure what its problem is.


I have found that, when messing around with themes, timeshift & Gparted are problematic, it think because they run as root & not user.

If you use the standard issue Adw-dark or adw-gtk3-dark that is not modified & located in /usr/share/themes, it should work correctly.
If you have copied & modified adw-gtk3-dark to ~/.config/themes then you start getting issues with these root apps.

A safe way to mod adw-gtk3-dark is to use the unmodified theme & then place an extra stylesheet that overrides it ~/.config/gtk3.0/gtk.css you can just have a couple of choice accent colours & a colour for nautilus-list-view.

If you think you have broken adw-gtk3-dark & would like to reset it, you can reinstall it via pamac.

I have had all the above issues :sweat_smile:, so just passing on the info.


It’s actually been Gtk 3 for over three years as of 1.0.0 :wink:

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I followed your advice, removed themes from my home but issue still remains, most parts of timeshift and gparted are unthemed.
I also reinstalled adw-gtk3-dark and light

Try selecting your Legacy theme as Adw-dark in gnome tweaks & then launch timeshift. Does that correct the theme for timeshift?
It should be all-dark theme but with blue tickboxes.

it is already like this (adw-gtk3-dark, adw-dark doesnt show up even tho its installed)

Update: it happens to any app that’s ran by sudo, doesn’t happen to any apps ran by user

Found a fix! With help of adw-gtk3 developer.

Click here for an explaination V


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