Googlekeep "execvp: exec format error"

Hey guys, could you look at this app?

I’m getting an “execvp: exec format error” when I try to launch the application. No error appears when I launch it via terminal. The maintainer argued that the application isn’t compiled, relying solely on libelectron. He wonderred if the npm package was installed correctly. Any ideas?

Ask @gameslayer9999, it’s his application.

Aw, he is on manjaro? Sweet! That makes it easier - I hope. :blush:

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Sounds like something is compiled wrong at least. Maybe electron itself.

Are you on x86_64 or something else?

Yes, my CPU is an AMD Ryzen.

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Hey there @clmbtti I sure am on Manjaro :smile:

I was actually replying back to your latest comment on the AUR, Shall we move this to the googlekeep issues report on the gitlab repo?

Please move to this issue report I made and I will help you there :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s very odd haha

The application now rely on my dependency libelectron which is a collection of electron dependencies and runs from npm so no binaries for the app itself is compiled. It sounds like either the launch script got messed up or now that I think about electron itself which has a binary when you install it from npm must of installed the incorrect one when he installed libelectron.

So by the looks of it this seems to be a weird KDE issue with what I assume has to do with the desktop shortcut or the launch script (trying to track down the exact issue)

Either way no idea why KDE can’t just just work the same like every other desktop and now I will have to update all my software to accommodate for KDE’s typical buggy desktop…


Why doesn’t KDE understand how to run desktop shortcuts through /bin/bash meaning I need to specially add /bin/bash to every desktop shortcut of all my apps just so it works in KDE…

For some reason it didn’t like the way the script was written, this issue is now resolved.

The Manjaro KDE edition comes with zsh by default, not bash. So if you don’t define that it needs bash, it will run in the default one, and zsh likely have a few syntax differences.

Yeah it’s no problem, we figured out that KDE didn’t like the way the script was written and I am now fixing it so you can mark this as resolved now.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

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