Google Drive not downloading any files on Firefox and Web

Downloading files from Google Drive fails on Firefox 105.0-0.1 and Web (epiphany) 42.4-1. On both browsers, there seems to be a loop between loading two different web addresses. I have tried disabling Enhanced Tracking Protection, clearing cookies and cache, downloading without signing in (just with the link by link sharing), and nothing seems to work.

On Firefox, it ends up in doing nothing. On Web (epiphany), the error is: “Unable to display this website. The site at seems to be unavailable. It may be temporarily inaccessible or moved to a new address. You may wish to verify that your internet connection is working correctly.”

Downloading files works fine on Chromium 105.0.5195.125-0.1

I can download from Drive on Firefox 105.x but it doesn’t ask where to save the file. Check your default downloads folder and see if your downloads are there. I was surprised at this behavior.

Hello @unelsson :wink:

I have no problem using google drive.

Really? Also no “Failed to download” notification at Downloads?

Google Drive is pure trash.
Probably tripping on the isolation, or any and every setting/addon that provides even the the smallest sliver of privacy and/or security.

Try creating a blank profile, then change back and purge it after download.
firefox -P

had the same problem, and in my case it was because i had third-party-cookies disabled. you will have to enable TPC just for Gdrive.