Google drive in Manjaro KDE plasma

Hi, I’m new on Manjaro and Linux in general. I tried to install Google drive, but so far no luck. I went to settings, online accounts and entered my creditionals in Google, logged in, but still don’t see google drive in my OS. How can I install Google drive in my system?


Do you have kio-gdrive installed?

I don’t know. I didn’t install it if it didn’t come installed. I can’t check now (I’m not home).

this is good tutorial and will work on manjaro:


It isn’t pre-installed (at least not on the minimal install I use) so you will have to install it.

Okay, will try it when I get home and let you guys know how it will go. Thanks for help guys :slight_smile:

Otherwise, there is always rclone which I use. I know it doesn’t sound like what you want, but I suspect it can do it.

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That guide worked like a charm. Thank you.

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