Google drive client 2024

I have once again and for 2024, what to install to sync google drive.
Other companies except create a client for their services, but google as far i know resist to that
The easiest solution is inSync, are there other options? RClone is not what I am looking for
Thanks in advance

Is this your actual question?
You actually want something not as easy as inSync? (whatever that is …)
… something less easy to use? …
That is how I read your post … :man_shrugging:

I don’t actually think you are looking for a harder, more uncomfortable solution - but your question is ambiguous …

What is it that you are asking for help about?

He wants you to do a google search for him.


That is likely.
I might even have done it - but not based upon such ill defined question. :grin:

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I didnt say I want a harder client, I said are there other options except inSync. I let @anon51566685 to do the hard work :slight_smile:

If you use KDE Plasma, install kio-gdrive package
sudo pacman -S kio-gdrive

Then Add your Google account

And finally access your Google Drive via Dolphin


I’m using Big Linux brazilian Distro based in Manjaro. I connected in Google Drive following the network connect steps and… Success!