Google-chrome stay out of the screen when window maximized

Hi I updated to linux 5.14 and latest google-chrome in AUR, when I maximize the chrome window, it stays partially out of the screen as follow:

The border is not correctly aligned and the Create Topic button are also partially out of the screen…

How I should solve this…

Yes, I can confirm that. It is a known and unfortunately not yet solved problem.

Well according to a more direct bug report linked from there if you ‘use system titlebars and borders’ for theme it should be normal?

I’m experiencing a similar issue with brave-bin from the AUR in xfce. Happened after last updating to latest version, which is based chromium 95. I guess another work around is selecting the classic theme in the browser settings instead of the GTK+ theme.

Sounds like the opposite of the suggested workaround.
But if it works I guess :woman_shrugging:

Hi I tried seems not work

Hi it actually worked, but it will put an extra wrap on the window lol

Solved this by downgrading to 94

Downgrading to Google Chrome 94 can’t be the solution, I think, since Google Chrome 95 closed a total of 19 security holes. Why don’t you just use Firefox until then?

Cannot find a way to pass all my chrome data to other browser…

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