Google Chrome on Manjaro

Hello i want change Firefox for Google Chrome i can ?

Yes, you can find it in AUR section if you search for it in Pamac, if you haven’t already, you will need to activate AUR.

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Google Chrome is in the AUR. It is not in our main repo. I recommend chromium instead, which is what Chrome is based off of. You can still log into your google account with Chromium.

If you must use Google Chrome, the package is in AUR.

If you do not know what AUR is, please read about it before using it:

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when i type pamac search google or chrome dont find it do you have name of package ?

You would know the answer to this if you actually bothered to read the links I attached.

Accessing the AUR

Using GUI Pamac

Open Pamac - the name in menu is Add/Remove Software and navigate to the Preferences page. You will be required to enter your password to access it.

At Preferences page → select the AUR tab → and move the slider to enable AUR.


ok i have find thx

Thanks for that info, realmain! I have been using Chrome from AUR because I did not know about Chromium. I would always prefer the base Linux version ahead of commercialized custom versions.

Question: Any links for How-To transfer a few years of Chrome tweaks over into Chromium? Links to reviews of Chromium?

Thanks in advance

Actually, I think I recommend Firefox with an ‘open with’ button in case anything doesn’t work too well.

Chromium/Chrome are all google’s work - and we don’t want to support Google too much in becoming the only option, which it seems is inevitable and extremely dangerous. I use Chromium ‘app shortcuts’ for my Google services - maps etc - but want to love Firefox the most. So far it’s keeping up well.

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