Google Chrome not in dark mode

No matter which google chrome dark theme I choose, whenever I right click, it always appears in light theme, whereas tabs are in dark mode theme.

Only solution is to use GTK+ theme, but I dont wanna choose that theme.

I cannot post screenshot and links as well here…:frowning:

What I mean is that whole page and tabs are in dark mode, but whenever I right click, menu opens in light mode, this wasnt the problem before I uninstalled qt5 tools since I dont needed them but I also reinstalled them but still problem not gone.

Also the settings page of chrome is in light theme.

I tried to force enable dark mode in chrome://flags but that did not worked either.

I also tried to use extensions but they only darken the page, and found no way to darken the browser.
Please help.

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I am on Manjaro stable & run with defaults. I have found Google Dark Theme broken for me. It thinks it is in dark mode but displays wonk.

try dark reader extension on chrome and use gtk theme in chrome settings