Google Chrome is not being recognized as a default browser

After I installed Chrome form AUR, I cannot makle it the default (or at least it keeps asking to be), I also installed Pale Moon since I wanted to test something, at some point since Firefox kept refusing from being the default, I removed it. Finally chrome was the king for a second, I asumed I could install it back without messing with the defaults, how wrong I was, after that i could never get chrome being the default again, not even being alone (removing firefox and pale moon), after searching on so many posts, i found out i had to move up chrome in htmal in associations but it never worked, I removed all the browsers, reinstalled chrome, still it wont top asking to be the default.

Any idea on how to fix this annoying isue? I have the last version of Manjaro (cant figur eout which one is it but I installed lat night using the iso from the website)

Thanks in advance, ohh, if you have a solution please include rookie step since im not very well versed in Linux yet