Google chrome does not update / install

I am trying to update google chrome and I am getting an error during installation as follows:

 thomas@ymir  ~  pamac install google-chrome
Warning: google-chrome is only available from AUR
Cloning google-chrome build files...
Generating google-chrome information...
==> ERROR: install file (google-chrome.install) does not exist or is not a regular file.
Error: Failed to prepare transaction: Failed to generate google-chrome information                                                                                                                            /8.4s

Meanwhile I have uninstalled chrome completely but that did not solve the problem.
The exact same thing happens when I try to install visual-studio-code-bin.

Any Ideas ?
Cheers Thomas

Do a clean build or clear your pamac build cache. Your local copy is out of date.


man pamac


pamac clean --help

Also see:

Thanks, will try for visual-studio … For google chrome I did a search

sudo find /var | grep "google-chrome" 

and deleted all references to google-chrome and that did the job…

pamac clean -ub

seems to have done the job for visual studio bin.
-u is for uninstalled packages only so it would need to uninstalled first… Otherwise all build files are removed which could make the next big update a bit more time consuming I guess…